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DOOM ETERNAL Review: One Hell of A Game

From the ashes of the immensely positive reviews of 2016’s DOOM, id Software went back to the drawing board in order to offer fans a true sequel of what was considered by one of our own writers as the “2016 Game of the Year.”

Revealed only less than a year ago, DOOM Eternal was highly anticipated from the start with developers showing off the evolution of the series with more platforming and strategy. Running and gunning were not the only things you could do now with new features that made hardcore combat even more fluid with poles to swing on, boosting, and weapon mods at your disposal. Now that we have had enough time to try it out and go through the game’s guts, I’ve got to say: DOOM Eternal is an absolute blast.

The Legacy Continues

The game follows the Doom Slayer as he continues his path to free the human race from the forces of Hell with the story revolving around his history and the legacy he has brought. I cannot state how absolutely phenomenal the writers did at fleshing out the Doom Slayer. The lore plays out like an epic fantasy rather than just a bunch of exposition for the sake of exposition. In each level, you find more and more lore that you can read, whether it’s for the enemies, location, biographical lore, or even history. After each collectible piece, I stopped what I was doing and started reading.

The main story of the game is incredibly fun because, as stated before, the game revolves around the legend of the Doom Slayer, as he must confront his origins and stop the end of the world. The story just knows how to make you root for the Doom Slayer and has the stamina to maintain that badassery for the entire campaign.

Combat by Combat

The gameplay for this game is butter. Swapping between weapons and mods is a dream as you constantly gain more mods the further you fight through Hell’s army. Loadouts are not complicated, as each gun has two mods that change the entire complexion of the fight. For example: the rocket launcher has either a remote detonation mod or a lock-on mod. EAch offer a completely different play style that is dependent on the player’s preference. Each type of enemy feels fun to study and even more rewarding when you figure out their weakness. Enemies who are originally revealed as boss battles eventually become jobbers to your incredible power as you take them down in half the time.

There is a slew of new customizations for the Doom Slayer this time around, as you can also customize several traits including slow motion falling, quicker recharges, or higher damage. There is a lot to go through when you’re looking into making the Doom Slayer even more powerful, so find what you like and don’t be afraid to experiment.

Each encounter with enemies feels incredibly different from the last due to the new and improved location layouts in Eternal. Doom Slayer is now able to quick boost and even use various poles and surfaces to jump to. The new swinging feature comes in handy during larger fights when you need to get out of the area in a pinch while the rock climbing aspect really only happens during the platforming segments of the game.

The platforming segments are by far the weakest parts due to how monotonous and empty they are, but I completely understand how they need to be there to connect so many gigantic pieces together. Some were more apparent than others (I’m looking at you floating coffins), but otherwise it doesn’t really get in the way of enjoying the game as it’s over faster than it happens and before you know it, you’re back to cleaving a demon in half.

Mick Gordon Does It Again

The soundtrack to DOOM will live on forever as some of the coolest and most badass music to ever grace a video game and with DOOM Eternal it is no different. Composer Mick Gordon has outdone himself again keeping the primal baddass prog metal at an 11 while making each track sound unique. If there is a soundtrack you should grab from a video game, I would put this high on your list.

Collecting For The End of The World 

Collectibles in DOOM Eternal are more prominent now with so many strewn about the world that you can’t help but accidentally run into one once in a while. From floppy discs to tracks from previous id Software titles in the style of classic metal album covers to cute little figurines, this game will turn even the least interested player into a devoted completionist.

DOOM Eternal’s new beefed up map system makes it easier to look for hidden nooks and crannies for you to explore and discover, although in some occasions the game will bug out in grand fashion if you go somewhere you’re not supposed to be. There were several instances where I would glitch through the map while exploring locations for secrets.


DOOM Eternal’s online multiplayer is a a sharp contrast to the 2016 game’s multiplayer, but it is quite possibly the most purely condensed vision of what DOOM multiplayer should be that you can’t stop playing. The game allows one player to take up the mantle of the Doom Slayer while others are given the tasks to choose a demon to hunt down the Slayer. The maps for this game remind me of the best DOOM 2016 maps that make more use of obstacles rather than corridors but for the Slayer it feels essentially like playing through the campaign.

Each round allows the players to swap between mods with each side given specific moves, weapons, and powers that make life and death situations all the more close. The simplicity of this mode offers a wide array of possibilities for new maps and variations in the near future.

Regardless of what side you fight on, this game mode takes the best that 2016 multiplayer had to offer and boils itself down to its bare essentials and it ironically works better than its predecessor.


DOOM Eternal takes the arcade-style shooter icon to the next level with the addition of several platforming elements that make the combat incredibly fun and fluid but at the cost of some monotonous and sometimes frustrating vertical platforming sections. Customization is  The game is a bit buggy on the Xbox One with a few crashes, but luckily it never affected actual combat phases so no harm no foul on my end.

The music is godlike which is incredibly ironic given the subject matter of the game and collectibles make for a fun time to explore each location.

Topped with a promising and extremely fun Battlemode, DOOM Eternal is the complete package. Not many games come out can boast that they are more fun than the previous title, but DOOM Eternal absolutely blasts through expectations making it one of the most fun shooters I have ever played.

Nuke The Fridge Score: 9.5/10