Donkey Kong joins the Mario/Rabbid universe in a new DLC campaign, Ubisoft revealed today.

The DLC, which adds four new kingdoms to battle through, will release this June. It features Rabbid Peach, new heroes Donkey Kong and Rabbid Cranky, and the return of villain Rabbid Kong. Ubisoft expects the mode to take about 10 hours to complete.

First, I can’t believe Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle even exists. The mad geniuses at Ubisoft pulled off three impossible tasks at once: 1) successfully reboot the Rabbids franchise, 2) earn Shigeru Miyamoto’s complete confidence in a 3rd party Mario title, and 3) turn it all into a good XCOM clone. It’s like an overlooked tear in the seam of our reality, a miscalculated line of code somehow more efficient than intended.

Now we’re adding a third franchise – Donkey Kong – and it seems to flow together so effortless. At this point, I’m expecting Dante from the Devil May Cry series to join the fray.

You can watch the trailer here. If you own the Mario + Rabbids Gold Edition or the season pass, the DLC will be free to download.

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