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UNDER THE DOME Review: Series Premiere!

domeUnder the Dome Review – Series Premiere By Trevor Roberts Jr

“Under the Dome” is a new CBS Drama developed by Brian K. Vaughan (known for the comics Y: The Last Man and Ex Machina as well as TV show LOST). Vaughan adapted the show into a TV Series from a novel by Stephen King, who serves as an executive producer for the series along with Steven Spielberg.

With such heavy hitters in the production credits and a LOST-like ensemble cast, it’s easy to have high expectations. Does Vaughn and team deliver? Let’s take a look at the Season Premier to find out…

The show takes place in a seemingly simple town called Chester’s Mill. However, off the bat we notice some signs of trouble: the opening scene features mysterious man burying another, excessive shipments of Propane to a local warehouse, the town councilman and the sheriff at odds over some conspiracy involving the propane.

A few minutes into the episode, an invisible barrier drops down in the middle of the field where the mysterious man, whose name is Barbie (yes, you read that right), is standing. In what has become the trademark visual of this series, the barrier slices a cow in half, as well as other objects, as it lands. The barrier delivers an initial shock when someone first touches it, and it blocks out sounds and electronic communications for most part. Chester’s Mill’s Sheriff, Duke Perkins, investigates with his deputies, and the barrier appears to encircle the entire town. It also reaches very high as an airplane flying overhead crumples as it flies into the barrier’s area.

Two young people, Joe and Norrie, seem to have a special connection to the dome as they both have a seizure when they come into close proximity of the dome. As they convulse, they chant repeatedly, “the Pink Stars are falling in lines.” Another young person, Angie serves up some foreshadowing as she compares the trapped townspeople to the goldfish in her fishbowl: ‘the strong ate the weak.’

Brian and the show writers do a good job of setting the foundation for an intriguing show beyond the premise of mysterious dome surrounding the town. In a nod to LOST fans, Jeff Fahey (aka Frank Lapidus) is cast as Sheriff Duke Perkins in the season premiere.

That being said, the quality of the writing suffers a bit as the show tries to establish all of the major of the characters in the initial episode. It is a bit too much to cram into a single one-hour block. The premise of the show is interesting though, and I look forward to quality improving as the series goes on.

If you would like to catch up with “Under the Dome”, Amazon Prime is advertised as the exclusive streaming provider for the series. Let us know what you think of the show in the comments section below.