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UNDER THE DOME Review: Episode 11: “Speak of the Devil”

Under the Dome Review – Episode 11: “Speak of the Devil” By Trevor Roberts Jr


******Warning: Spoilers Ahead!******

In “Speak of the Devil,” Chester’s Mill seems ripe for a shift in the balance of power. As the foreboding prophecy from the mini-dome stated, “the Monarch will be crowned.”

The episode opens up with Maxine attacking Julia due to her own frustration and jealousy concerning Barbie. On the other side of town, Junior tries in desperation to rekindle a romance with Angie, but storms off like a petulant child when he is rejected again and vows to have nothing to do with the mini Dome anymore. Concurrent to both of these events, a violent storm begins to develop. The Dome has intervened in the lives of the townspeople before; could this be another example of it?

Back to the theme of power struggles, Big Jim and Barbie are at odds over how to deal with their mutual Maxine problem. It does not seem that there will be a peaceful outcome to any further interactions between these two.

The episode certainly had its share of intriguing elements including a dark new prophecy involving Angie, Joe, Junior, Norrie, and Big Jim. However, there were some weak points such as inconsistencies with Maxine’s behavior, especially after learning what happens with her mother. Another example is Linda’s willingness to turn on Barbie so quickly despite all the good that he has done for the town.

Next week’s episode should be interesting as Big Jim continues to maneuver for complete control of the town. So far, the townspeople have been a bit too trusting of him. With nationwide skepticism and mistrust of Big Government growing in the US, it seems that a typical American town like Chester’s Mill should have more than a few dissenters against the would-be dictator.