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Today was the junket for Inherent Vice, and now that Benedict Cumberbatch is confirmed for Doctor Strange, I asked Phoenix how close he actually got to playing the role. He answered, “I don’t know.”


Luckily my colleague Don Kaye of Den of Geek and Blastr was there to follow up. Kaye asked Phoenix if it was uncomfortable that his Marvel negotiations were so public. To that, Phoenix reflected on his consideration for Doctor Strange.


“I like all sorts of movies,” Phoenix said. “I know that I typically do dramas that I guess are maybe considered independent but I like all sorts of different movies. I’m just looking for good characters and big ideas and a great filmmaker. Sometimes the fit is right and that’s it.”


So maybe there’s still a Marvel character out there he could play. “Those guys make great movies,” Phoenix continued. “I loved Iron Man, I liked Guardians of the Galaxy. I really like the movies they make. I enjoy watching them. I think they do them really well. The superhero movies are our version of those great Kung Fu movies. I enjoy that.”


We’ll have more on Inherent Vice this month on Nuke the Fridge.


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