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Dissecting the new Battlefield V teaser

EA released a new teaser for Battlefield V ahead of the May 23rd reveal. The clip is barely a second long, but we can already glean plenty of information from it.

You can watch it here, but be warned: you will be shushed.

Let’s dissect what we can.

The setting: World War II

Looking at the top of the in-game HUD, we can see two flag designs: the British Union Jack and the German Balkenkreuz (Iron Cross).

While the British flag design goes back to early 19th century Britain, the Balkenkreuz was notably adopted by the German forces from 1935 to the end of World War II. We can only assume this confirms our suspicions: Battlefield V is a WWII game.

Conquest is returning

The HUD features tallies for each team’s tickets, as well as six lettered objectives under the time, some red and some blue.  No surprise here, as this game mode is arguably the most iconic of the Battlefield franchise. We’re still waiting on confirmation of a battle royale mode.


Battlefield V will see the return of squads. Aside from your teammates’ names appearing in the bottom right corner, it appears that your squad can spawn your location as in prior games.

Finishing moves

Battlefield V looks to be bringing back the cinematic “glory kills” from Battlefield 1. The alternate animations would play during certain melee kills, and it looks like we’re getting them this time around. The clip features an enemy soldier strangling the player, putting a finger on his mouth as he shushes us.

We could argue the semantics about how strangling a soldier with one hand is the worst way to get the job done, but hey.

Upcoming reveal

EA Dice will officially reveal more information at their Battlefield Reveal event on May 23rd. What are you hoping to appear in the game?