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Disney’s SPIRITED AWAY Blu-ray Review

SpiritedAwayBlurayComboFor the first time ever, Disney is bringing the highest grossing film in Japanese history to blu-ray, Spirited Away. This very loved animated film was first brought to America in 2001 and now you can own it coming June 16! Just incase you were wondering about all the special features and how this vibrant film will look on blu-ray, here’s the review!

Spirited Away follows an adorable young girl named Chihiro, who walks into a strange world of spirits. After her parents are transformed, she has to do whatever it takes to get the back.

The film features some very well-known voices and some which you’ll recognize from other Disney classics. The film stars Daveigh Chase (Lilo & Stitch), David Ogden Stiers (Lilo & Stitch), Suzanne Pieshette (Lion King 2), Jason Marsden (A Goofy Movie), Susan Egan (Hercules), Lauren Holly (Dumb & Dumber), John Ratzenberger (Toy Story), Michael Chiklis (The Shield), Tara Strong (Batman: The Animated Series) and many more. As can tell by all of these great names, Disney did great with the casting as usual.

When it comes to how the animated film looks on blu-ray, honestly, it looks really really amazing. The Hayao Miyazaki animation flows even more and it looks really crisp and smooth. It makes the anime classic look even more vibrant.


Bonus Features

This blu-ray combo pack features quite a lot of extras. The extras that are featured are: “Introduction By John Lasseter,” “The Art of Spirited Away,” where you explore Hayao Miyazaki’s creative vision,” Behind-the-Microphone,” and you also get the original Japanese storyboards, trailers and TV spots, plus the Nippon TV special. All of these features are all very informative and can be nostalgic for fans of of when the film first came out.

With the combo pack, you get the film first time ever on blu-ray, the dvd version and as with every Disney movie release, you also get Disney Rewards points, which you can save up and use for special rewards.


Honestly, I don’t know much about anime but I do know that Spirited Away is a very iconic film in the Anime genre. This blu-ray combo pack will be really great for everyone who has enjoyed the film over the years and even for the younger children who have never seen the award-winning film.

I give the Spirited Away blu-ray combo pack, 9 fridges out of 10.