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Disney’s POM POKO Blu-ray Review


For the first time ever, Disney is releasing the classic anime tale “Pom Poko” on Blu-ray. Pom Poko is a Studio Ghibli film about family, friends and survival. The raccoons of Tama Hills are being forced out of their homes due to humans tearing it down to develop shopping malls. The raccoons need to act quickly and band together in order to stop the demolition of their civilization.

The film is very easy to follow since there is a narrator to take you through the whole story. The narrator explains just about everything, for example, how these raccoons can change form into anyone and anything. This narration is much needed in this film because there are things that really needed explaining and the narrator takes care of that.

The tale is not only a survival story but it’s a story to help people realize what tearing down the wilderness does and what it causes for the animals. It’s a great film to educate children on wildlife and the environment.

The film features voices from Jonathan Taylor Thomas (The Lion King), J.K. Simmons (Spider-Man), John DiMaggio (Adventure Time), Olivia d’Abo (The Wonder Years) and many more. It was another great cast.

The one area about the Blu-ray that needed a bit more, were the bonus features. There are only two extras which are the original Japanese storyboards and trailers. This was the only Studio Ghibli film that Disney did not add a behind-the-scenes featurette or any featurette for that matter.

When it comes down to it, it was a film that a whole family can enjoy. It has a bit of everything. Humor, adventure, drama and emotion. The bonus features were the only downside but that’s about it.

“Pom  Poko” comes out on Blu-ray Feb.3.