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Disney Pixar’s Coco is finally set to hit Blu-ray on February 27th. The film is a treasure and instant classic. Although Pixar has been around for many years creating some of the best-animated films, this one is unique. It celebrates culture, coming of age, and family like none before. Deservingly, the animated feature has won several awards plus it’s nominated for Oscars.

Over the weekend in Olvera Street Los Angeles California, thousands gathered to celebrate Coco as Anthony Gonzalez (the voice of Miguel) performed live on stage with his family. – It was an epic!

After the show, we were lucky enough to ask Anthony many questions about the movie and much more. Including in the conversation with fellow members of the press where topics like, what advice does he give to up-and-coming young actors, and what is he looking most forward to on the soon-to-be-released Blu-ray.

You can watch the entire interview and photos from the event below.

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