Disney announces Jack and the Beanstalk film GIGANTIC

Right now at D23 Director Nathan Greno and Producer Dorothy mckin took the stage and introduced some still shots for their upcoming Jack And The Beanstalk film, Gigantic, and we see a magic bean stalk growing and we see a young jack climbing it, giants are roaming the land.

“We are so honored and thrilled to continue the tradition [of bringing fairy tales to film] with Jack and the Beanstalk,” Greno said. The movie will take place in Spain, because he thought it reflected the “age of discovery,” where Jack is making a discovery above the ground while Spaniards are out discovering the world.

“It’s not what you’ve seen before, the one big giant. This is a world of giants. The first one he meets is an 11 year-old girl named Ima. She’s 60 feet tall, and very fiery, she was a little character, a little ham. When Ima meets Jack, she thinks he’s a toy! The possibilities for comedy are endless.”

The storm Giants are the evil giants and are the ones “wreaking havoc around the world of the giants”

They also announced songwriting team Kristen Anderson-Lopez and Robart Lopez, the team from Frozen, will be composing the music for the film.

Gigantic is set to hit theaters in 2018.