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Disgaea: Hour of Darkness Refine is a remake of the original PS2 coming to the PS4 and Switch

When Atlus USA first released Disgaea: Hour of Darkness (known as Makai Senki Disgaea in Japan) back in 2003, I instantly fell in love with the series. Everything about the game was amazing from its artstyle, characters, music and pretty unique take on the tactics RPG formula which has led to the series getting multiple sequels, ports and the formation of NIS America just months after the release of the first game.

While the original game would eventually get a direct sequel a decade later on the PlayStation 3, the game that started it all will be getting a remake set to release in Japan on July 26th for the PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch, known as Disgaea: Hour of Darkness as Disgaea Refine.

It will be interesting to see what Nippon Ichi Software will change in the game, as the company tends to incorporate concepts from its more recent releases for ports. If you haven’t played a Disgaea game before, this is a great place to start.

Now we just need to wait and see when NIS America will release this game in the West.

source: Dengeki Online