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Discovery Channel’s KILLING BIGFOOT Trailer


In May of 2011, the Discovery Channel premiered the series “Finding Bigfoot.” The show has been going strong and is currently in its fifth season. Now Discovery is expanding on their programming with a special documentary called “Killing Bigfoot,” which will air on Discovery Channel’s Destination America on October 17th. Check out the trailer!

Here is the synopsis for the special. 

Engineer and ex-Pro wrestler, Bobby Hamilton, and former Vietnam Vet, Jim Lansdale are on the hunt for Bigfoot. Entering the forests at night the two men and a team of paramilitary men brandishing assault weapons are intent on killing Bigfoot.  They are determined to prove to the rest of the world and the scientific community that Bigfoot is real.  This puts them at odds with many in the Bigfoot Community who do not want to see one dead…and claim they have DNA which proves it is human and not a kind of ape. Killing one would therefore be murder. The Gulf Coast Bigfoot Organization (GCBRO) is a group of hardcore woodsman with military and security backgrounds who are dedicated to the task of bagging a Bigfoot. They use military style stealth operations and hunt with assault weapons and live ammo. These are men of action, who are convinced that what they are seeing and experiencing is real.  They know that only a body of Bigfoot will convince authorities that the creature is really out there. Killing Bigfoot will capture the unusual lives of these men, on a quest to find and shoot the giant ape-like animal stalking the Gulf Coast area of the Southern United States. Additionally, featured in the special is Neuropsychologist, Dr. Webb Sentell, who holds the belief that bigfoot should not be killed. 


As a bonus, here are some cool tidbits that aren’t typically discussed that these guys can take on: 

* There are three, four or ‎five toed types of Bigfoot, with round heads, flat heads or conical heads (Jim can talk extensively about this.) 

* In-breeding is a factor on the next generation of Bigfoot–the three-toed species. Jim believes that most nuisance Bigfoot are the ones currently attacking pets and farm animals. Over-logging and fracking is destroying Bigfoot and other wildlife habitats forcing Bigfoot to stray into people’s yards looking for food.

* Jim believes Bigfoot in the gulf can walk as bipeds – but will drop to all fours and run like lightening (This is an area where bears don’t live.) 

* The GCBRO men are lifelong ‎woodsman with on-the-ground encounters and experiences. They frown upon so-called “Bigfoot experts” who are armchair researchers never setting foot in the woods. 

* GCBRO uses military style stealth operations and assault weapons with live ammo to harvest a Bigfoot specimen. This belief of GCBRO puts them at odds with many in the Bigfoot Community who do not want to see one dead – those who claim they have DNA which proves Bigfoot is human. 

The one-hour “Killing Bigfoot” special premieres on Discovery Channel’s Destination America on October 17th and OLN Canada on October 29th. 

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