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Director Tony Scott Jumps to His Death

Tony Scott, director of movie blockbusters “Top Gun” and “Days of Thunder,” jumped to his death Sunday from the Vincent Thomas Bridge, authorities said.

According to the Associated Press, Scott, 68, climbed a fence on the bridge and jumped around 12:30 p.m. One report quoted a coroner’s report that said Scott jumped “without hesitation.”

U.S. Coast Guard Lt. Jennifer Osburn told the Daily Breeze that a suicide note was found inside Scott’s black Toyota Prius, which was parked on one of the eastbound lanes of the bridge.

Authorities used sonar equipment to find Scott’s body in the port’s murky waters. Divers recovered his body about 4:30pm.

Scott was director of Tom Cruise’s “Top Gun,” as well as “Beverly Hills Cop II” and the remake of “The Taking of Pelham 1 2 3.”

Known for his trademark red baseball cap, the British-born Scott was the brother of director Ridley Scott, and the two shared producing credits on the CBS dramas “The Good Wife” and “NUMB3RS.”

Source: USAToday