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An unexpected surprise opened at local theaters at the end of November in 2003. That surprise was the dark crime comedy film “Bad Santa.” Performing extremely well at the box office, and gaining a fan following in the process, the story follows the exploits of Willie (Billy Bob Thornton) and Marcus (Tony Cox) who are two unlikable conmen that rob department stores on Christmas Eve dressed as Santa and his elf. However, as their full proof strategy has been proven effective in the past, this year it gets complicated when Willie and his drinking problem collide with an 8-year-old boy who teaches “Santa” the true meaning of Christmas.

Now, Dimension Films is in talks with director Steve Pink about taking over the duties behind the camera for the sequel. He has also been asked to do a rewrite of the script, which was originally written by Johnny Rosenthal (“The Convention.”) This will be the first big screen project for Pink since directing “Hot Tub Time Machine” in 2010. He has been keeping busy with episodic television work, directing such comedy series as Happy Endings, The Office, and The New Girl, among others.

It was only last year that Billy Bob Thornton expressed a sure opinion when he confirmed a sequel to the 2003 film “Bad Santa,” and true to his word, the project has steadily been rolling along. As the film finally finds a director at the forefront, it also finds the same man (Thornton) giving another pass at the text. Hence, a discussion for Pink to rewrite the script.

Luckily for Pink, Thornton has been especially eager to step back in for a sequel, and while the actor has been out making and promoting his latest directorial effort, “Jayne Mansfield’s Car,” he’s always kept “Bad Santa” in mind. “I’m not worried about doing another ‘Bad Santa’ in terms of my career or anything like that,” he said in October, “My only worry is, you know, that the movie is pretty darn good. For now, the details of the plot are under tight wraps.

Thornton is currently scheduled to shoot his road trip film, “And Then We Drove,” this summer, but has expressed plans for “Bad Santa 2” to shoot this fall prior to a Christmas 2013 release date. Hopefully, with careful planning and execution, Pink can inspire Thornton to deliver another memorable performance as Willie, and ensure “Bad Santa 2” to be more successful than its predecessor.

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