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Director Joe Carnahan May Direct Mark Millar’s Super Villain Flick “Nemesis”

With Marvel’s “Daredevil” movie in the dust bin, director Joe Carnahan may still get a crack at making a film that involves super powered characters. Comic book writer Mark Millar (“Kick-Ass”) gave an update on his personal website over the weekend saying that “Nemesis” has found its director in “The Grey” helmer Joe Carnahan.

Here is the plot for “Nemesis:”

The story follows a billionaire who is the world’s greatest fighter out to avenge his parents’ death, but instead of being a hero, he’s a villain. He goes around taking out the world’s best police officers. (This sounds a lot like Batman although the character takes a different path by fighting the authorities.)

Joe and his brother Matthew Carnahan (“The Kingdom,” “State of Play”) also co-wrote the script. The late director Tony Scott was to direct the film, but due to his apparent suicide over the weekend, Carnahan would be a likely and logical replacement.  It turns out, Carnahan was a disciple and protégé of Scott’s.

20th Century Fox representatives have met with Carnahan, and like his approach to the property, but the film has yet to get the green light.

“Nemesis” is currently on hold.  The project is looking to attach a high profile star like Johnny Depp or Brad Pitt to give it some juice.  Until then, fans and the Carnahan brothers will have to wait.

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