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DINOTRUX Review: DINOTRUX Will be A Roaring Hit for Children

dinot_key_002_hDreamworks Animation’s Dinotrux debuts Aug. 14 only on Netflix. I have watched the first episode and I have to say, Dreamworks Animation has done it again!

Dinotrux is based on the Chris Gail children’s stories of the same name. In the Dreamworks Animation series, the series centers around Ty Rux and his group of friends who are all half dinosaur, half construction vehicles. In episode one, Ty Rux meets his newest friend Revvit, a “reptool,” who helps Ty Rux out after losing his home. Though everyone looks at Ty Rux as a huge monster, the giant T-Rex like creature has a heart which is double his size. Ty Rux hopes to find a new home and without causing any conflict for any other dinotrux or reptools in the land. The dinotrux and reptools come together to build a new and better home for all creatures alike but the D-Structs stand in the way of those plans.

I was surprised at how much I enjoyed this show because it’s a children’s show. I really shouldn’t have been so surprised because Dreamworks makes just about everything watchable regardless of age.

I really liked how this series dealt with morals and teaching kids the difference between good and bad, right and wrong. I feel like a lot of “children’s” television has really shied away from making morals a part of their programs. A lot of children shows these days seem to be more for the teenage or adult crowds while sticking with the classification of children’s programing regardless if it’s age appropriate. Based on episode one, it seemed like a show that was geared more towards boys ages 3 to 10 but there’s is a female character in the show that I’m sure will shine and get girls loving this series.

If the series is much like the first episode, I’m sure Dinotrux will be a roaring hit for children. I know that the new toy line (coming this Fall) for this series will do just as well.

Dinotrux premieres Aug. 14 on Netflix