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Devil May Cry 5 Key Art

Devil May Cry 5 Will Have Microtransactions For Upgrading Characters

According to Gamespot, during their gameplay session with Devil May Cry 5 at Tokyo Game Show, they approached a Divinity Statue. This is where players will upgrade their characters with orbs they collect during combat. Within its menu, there is an option to spend real money on orbs in order to upgrade your character.

When Gamespot asked Devil May Cry 5 Director, Hideaki Itsuno, why this option was available, he explained that it’s to give players the option to play the game how they want to.

“With giving people the ability to purchase Red Orbs, it’s something we want to give people as an option,” Itsuno-san explained to Gamespot. “If they want to save time and just want to get all the stuff at once, those people can do that.”

Itsuno-san also discusses how the pricing varies depending on how difficult a move or ability is to use. “The first thing is the stuff that we feel people should want to get first is made cheaper. So people will think, ‘Oh, this is cheap so I’m just going to buy this,’” he explains to Gamespot. “But then for the stuff that’s going to be harder to use and master, we make that more expensive. Partly because of you save up for that you’re not going to be able to buy as many skills, so you’re going to have the time to learn it.”

Devil May Cry 5 will launch for PS4, Xbox One, and PC on March 8, 2019.

Source: Gamespot