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Detective Pikachu is FINALLY coming to the US!

Having been available in Japan for almost 2 years now, Detective Pikachu will finally be released on March 23 in North America and Europe! Considering a film is in the works with Ryan Reynolds cast as the titular character, the game was bound to come to the U.S. sooner or later.

Detective Pikachu is set in the world of Pokemon, revolving around a boy named Tim Goodman who can understand a particular Pikachu whose great intelligence makes up for his lack of brawn. Together with Tim, they solve cases like a modern-day Sherlock and Watson. As you can tell by the trailer below, the English localization does not include the voice of Ryan Reynolds or even worse, Danny Devito. Regardless, it still sounds good!

An Amiibo for Detective Pikachu is also being released, and it’s massive. The picture below shows just how much bigger it is than the Pikachu Smash Bros. Amiibo. Pika-fans can expect to play the game on Nintendo 3DS on March 23, 2018!