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Animated Aquaman Movie Gets A Title and Toy Line


Back in May, we informed you of Aquaman getting his own animated film but did not know the title of it at the time, now we have one. The official title of the Aquaman animated movie will be “Justice League: Throne of Atlantis.” The name comes from the New 52 crossover written by Geoff Johns. The plot of the book had Ocean Master declaring war on the US due to US navy missiles hitting Atlantis during a drill that went wrong for unknown reasons. It is then up to Aquaman and the Justice League to put a stop to it.

This title was found out from series of DC collectibles coming out, which have characters from the movie. Here are images of the figures:

Aquaman- 6.75″
Ocean Master-6.8″
Black Manta-6.75″




These figures will be sold seperately for $19.95 and are available for pre-order on some toy sites already but will not be out until January.

For more details on the film go here.