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The finale to the four part series is finally here. Let’s see what is in store for the Delinquents.


After battling, befriending, breaking-up, and making-up, our suckers supreme – Quantum, Woody, Archer, and Armstrong – have finally arrived at their destination…Big Rock Candy Mountain! With their enemies rapidly gaining on them can our dreamed-up-team-up find the lost treasure of the hobos before it is too late? You’ve read the other three issues, you’ve played the board game, WHY IN THE WORLD WOULD YOU NOT SEE HOW IT ENDS?! See you at the finish line, hobolievers!


So it was probably a bad idea for me to start reading the series with the final issue of the series. So it was my fault that I didn’t really know what was exactly going on but thanks to the intro page I was all caught up on who was who, so it made it easier to get what was going on. I really wouldn’t ever recommend anyone starting with the finale issue ever. With that being said, this issue has a lot of different things going on and neat ideas to make it stand out from the rest of the comics.

What I noticed while reading this issue is that writers James Asmus & Fred Van Lente really had some unique ideas going on. From the way the panels were set up to getting the readers to interact with the comic in a pretty cool way.


While the team were on a race to get to the treasure, the panels go from being set up the traditional way to turning the comic 90 degrees to the left to read. I know it sounds kind of confusing (which it was at first) but once you figure it out, it brings you into the story more. Later on in the issue, the writers make note that usually a finale issue would end up in a huge epic battle, so what they did was give you little cut-outs of the characters so you can create your own epic battle. Whether or not you would actually cut up a page of the comic is the problem but if you do, at least it can be for a pretty cool reason.


The Delinquents final issue had plenty of things to set it apart from any series out there and I’m sure the fans that have started reading from the beginning, would definitely want to pick this one up. As for anyone who hasn’t read any of the series, I would suggest to start from the beginning so you could understand the story better. The Delinquents #4 hits comic shops this Wednesday.

Check out the different variant covers: