“Death Wish” Remake News!

Earlier this week, Nuke the Fridge reported that “The Grey” director Joe Carnahan has been hired to write and direct a remake of the 1974 Charles Bronson vigilante film “Death Wish.” Now, more news has been forthcoming via the Matthew Aaron Show.  “The Grey” actor Frank Grillo revealed information that sheds new light on the remake.

The new film will have two brothers and he will likely play one of them.

It’s not just Bronson’s [character], it’s two brothers,” he said, adding that Russell Crowe is being pursued to play the main brother.

Grillo went on to say that the remake will be closer to the original novel by Brian Garfield than the Bronson movies.

[Bronson movies] were fun but when you go back and watch them they don’t really hold up very well, they were a product of their time,” he explained. “[Carnahan] wants to do something far more interesting.

“Death Wish” is in development. Joe Carnahan will write and direct the project.

Source: worstpreviews.com