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Deadpool Test Footage Released: What’s your Reaction?


Over this weekend, amongst all the Comic-Con news, some footage really made a buzz, and it wasn’t even Comic-Con related.

During the weekend, some leaked footage of the test footage of Deadpool, which was shot by 20th Century Fox and is estimated to have been shot before 2012, created a buzz all over the internet. It was a computer animated teaser which featured Ryan Reynolds as the voice of Deadpool. As much as we would love to show you this footage, 20th Century Fox has went around to various sites, asking for the removal of the footage, but we have it, so enjoy it before we become one of the sites ordered to remove the footage.

What we would like to know, is what you thought of it? Do you still want a Deadpool movie?

I’ve seen the test footage and honestly, I’m not much of a Deadpool fan but it looked pretty damn awesome. I wish that Reynolds would have made the Deadpool film instead of the “Green Lantern.”