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DEADPOOL 2, GAMBIT, & NEW MUTANTS All Have New Release Dates!

As the title says, these upcoming films all have new release dates, with one moving up and the other two being pushed back. Here are the new release dates.

Here are the new dates:

Deadpool 2`s original release date was June 1st, it is now officially May 18th, 2018.

Gambit’s release date moves from Feb 14th , 2019 to June 7th, 2019.

New Mutants release date (sadly) moves from April 13th, 2018 to Feb 22nd, 2019.

It comes as no surprise that Gambit would be pushed back as production hasn’t yet even began. It does come as a surprise that New Mutants has been pushed back as it was so close to being released, perhaps new ownership from Disney has caused this to happen. On the bright side, we will be seeing our favorite Merc with a Mouth a little earlier than expected which no one can be sad about.