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DC Universe Online’s Next Update: The Fortress of Solitude

It looks like Superman and Lex Luthor will need to team up against the menace of Brainiac in Sony Online’s next content update for the DC Universe Online. It seems that the rogue android has set up shop in the Man of Steel’s Fortress of Solitude and seeks to steal Kyrptonian technology to use against the people of Earth. It’s the player’s job to prevent this as Brainiac sends wave after wave of foes against them. Players will have to face danger in the form of gigantic robotic scorpions with ice manipulation abilities and a titan-like Avatar of Meta which comes equipped with a set of deadly electric whips.

If players can overcome this eight man raid they will be able to walk away with Tier 3 armor which comes in a variety of flavors for tanks, dps, controllers, and healers. The designs of these armors are based off of Kryptonian sunstone technology which can be customized using the DCU style system.


[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Yf7tFA3VoVg&w=560&h=349]



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