The afterlife can be an unexpected and complicated place, especially through the form of “The Spectre.” Fox Television has purchased “The Spectre,” a drama series project based on the DC Comics superhero character co-created by Superman co-creator Jerry Siegel and Bernard Baily.

Who is “The Spectre?”

Police detective Jim Corrigan is attacked and killed by criminals, but returns from the dead as The Spectre who exhibits awesome supernatural powers. The Spectre is intangible, can fly, turn invisible, inhabit and animate inanimate objects, and sense the intentions of people in the place where they plan to carry those intentions out. Jim is given his powers by an awesome agent of good, which he never sees, but only hears. In later tales, Jim refers to this Being as the Voice. One suspects that the Voice is God, but this is never explicitly stated in the stories; the Voice might also be an angel.

“The Spectre” ran in More Fun Comics, from issue #52 (February 1940) to issue #101 (January-February 1945.) During most of this time he was also an active member of the Justice Society of America, appearing in most of the issues of their magazine, All Star Comics, from issue #1 (Summer 1940) to issue # 23 (Winter 1944 – 1945.)

Writer/director Brandon Camp (TV’s “John Doe,” “Love Happens”) will write the adaptation for “The Spectre” pilot, and join forces with Bill Gerber (“Gran Torino”) as co-executive producer.  DC Comics and Warner Bros. Television will produce the pilot.

This is Fox Television’s latest attempt to get back into the super hero game since collaborating with DC on 2010’s “Human Target.”


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