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Dark Horse Comics unveils a Deluxe Edition for The Legend of Zelda Encyclopedia

Dark Horse Comics has been on an amazing role with the releases of best sellers The Legend of Zelda Hyrule Hystoria and Art and Artifacts. Due in April, the third book The Legend of Zelda Encyclopedia is 320 pages and covers the first 30 years of the series featuring everything from characters, places and items.

That’s awesome for Zelda fans looking to complete their collection expect that Dark Horse just announced that it would be releasing a Deluxe Edition that easily bring out the nostalgia of the series by taking it back to the beginning.

It’s a perfect throwback to the original Nintendo cartridge with the cover completly covered in gold foil paper and even features a Nintendo Sleeve Protector! This deluxe edition version of The Legend of Zelda Encyclopedia will cost $80 and is up for pre-order right now at Amazon.com. If that’s not enough there is one more cool piece you will only find in the deluxe edition.

It comes with an instruction booklet! While this may turn away fans who want to have a matching set of books, it’s still an awesome piece for fans to appreciate.

It may be a tough choice to decide between but luckily you have til April til decide.