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DAREDEVIL #29 Review

Snakes on a Court Bench

Daredevil v3 029-000

Last month’s Daredevil left the audience speechless and asking each other, what just happened? This latest issue takes those events and puts Daredevil in an episode of Matt Murdock’s real life. The ridiculousness of courtroom murder and high up conspiracy work to a tee here making this Marvel’s best release this week.

What makes this new Daredevil run work so well; fun, exciting stories that figure into a bigger narrative. It’s been writer Mark Waid’s strength through his entire run on the book so far. Here he seems to be laying the foundations of a larger story involving the Serpent Society but he’s using short done-in-a-few issue stories to do so. That makes the book very accessible to new readers without having to wait for milestone issues to come around. In this issue he takes all the events that would only happen to Matt Murdock in the courtroom and forces Daredevil to come out and deal with them. Daredevil has to stop the Society from murdering a key witness and find out just how this group of terrorist infiltrated his beloved justice system.

Javier Rodriguez once again takes on art duties and doesn’t miss the insanely high bar set by Samnee in previous issues. The action is top notch and his characters are expressive, dynamic, and exemplify the tone set by Waid’s run. Some of the backgrounds in the courtroom are a bit lacking in composition but it’s made up for with bright color tone shifts.

Daredevil v3 029-007Daredevil v3 029-008

This is just great comic book with a style all its own. Even indie books could learn a lesson from it.

8.5 Superb! Daredevil keeps proving why it’s among Marvel’s elite books