D23 EXPO: Disney Interactive

Shut up and take my money Disney!


This past Sunday in Anaheim, Disney Interactive took the arena stage to drop a massive amount of goodies on the hardcore disney gamers. The arena was packed and the crowd was excited to see news on Fantasia and Disney Infinity.

First up was the Xbox Kinect’s Fantasia: Music Evolved (which was playable on the show floor with the Xbox One hardware). With the help of an expert game developer, Chris Nichols (Disney Interactive) and John Drake (Harmonix) showcased a magical, underwater environment called The Shoal, then demonstrated some song game play with “Bohemian Rhapsody”. We saw the process of creating a unique remix, and watched the demonstrator create her own guitar solo to go with the song. We were also the first to see “Night on Bald Mountain” game play and a sneak peek at how the game’s classic music was recorded by the London Symphony Orchestra.


After all that Disney talked about Blank: A Vinylmation Love Story. After seeing some beautiful concept art, we watched a sneak peek video, followed by a new trailer for the show. You can find more about this on the Blank Tumblr.


Not letting the tone fall flat during the presentation, Disney dropped yet another crowd-pleaser. “It’s a Small World” is an upcoming Disney Interactive short based on the Disneyland ride. The series follows a magical hot-air balloon as it befriends a group of kids and embarks on an unforgettable adventure across the globe. The It’s a Small World theme song was written by Disney Legend Richard Sherman. We even got to see an animatic of the intro paired with a video of Richard singing the song.


The Disney Animated App was also touched on during the slew of announcements. In the presentation, Theodore Gray (the app developer) walked the audience through the humongus amount of content available in Disney Animated, which is usually kept secret in the Disney archives. The attendees got to see some beautiful content from the Character chapter of the app, as well as the Animation Workshop feature where users can animate Vanellope von Schweetz from Wreck It Ralph.

Then the big daddy closed the show with a slew of announcements and a surprise for those in attendance. John Blackburn (Avalanche Studios) and John Vignocchi (Disney Interactive) closed out the panel with Disney Infinity. They shared a bit of the game’s back story, which according to them was inspired by the limitless imagination of Andy playing with his toys in Toy Story.


Which led to the Infinity announcements. The next Disney Infinity play set will be… Toy Story in space! Players can play as Buzz Lightyear, Woody, or Jessie as they embark on an adventure to a new planet with the aliens. We even got an appearance by the Evil Emperor in the teaser video they showed.

We also learned about two upcoming Disney Infinity mobile apps: a tablet app that allows users to edit and interact with their Disney Infinity Toy Boxes on the go. Also,
Action, a video app that allows users to insert Infinity characters into their own videos.


Second J squared announced they’d created their own version of Disneyland in the Infinity Toy Box. That jewel of creation will be available for download when the game comes out next week.

Other new in game characters were announced. Those big Disney names included Jack Skellington, Rapunzel (the first princess to be in the game), Wreck-It Ralph, Vanellope von Schweetz, Agent P, Phineas Flynn, and Anna and Elsa from Frozen.

They showed the crowd the seven minute intro of the game. It looks gorgeous, a literal spark of imagination transforms into different Disney characters as it traverses the various Disney universes. The best part… it started and ended with Sorcerer Mickey, which was announced to be playable come January 2014. Because it’s Disney, they sent the audience in attendance home with their very own playable Sorcerer Mickey. 4,000 fans in the arena will be playing as Mickey come next week.


Perhaps you should not miss D23 Expo when it returns in 2015.