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Cyborg to Make A Cameo in Untitled SUPERMAN-BATMAN Movie


According to Latino Review, apparently Cyborg could have a little cameo in the untitled Superman/Batman movie. According to their sources, production is looking for a black actor in his 20s who is in shape.

If this rumor is true, & the cameo does happen, it’s said that this cameo will lead him into the upcoming Justice League movie & could also possibly be a recurring role in other future DC projects.

Latino Review also says that apparently Zack Snyder met with Michael B. Jordan before getting the role of Human Torch in the upcoming reboot of Fantastic Four.

The Nerdist  also says that this rumor has some pretty good creditability behind it, due to the fact that they first leaked that Warner Bros. was looking for a 20 something year old female “who is both tall & possesses physicality,” which turned out to be Wonder Woman. Then again, Latino Review was also famous for the rumor that Christian Bale would reprise his role as Batman in the upcoming Superman/Batman movie.

We will have more on this rumor as the movie gets closer to its release date.

Sources: Latino Review, The Nerdist