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CyberConnect2 heads to Anime Expo

Anime and JRPG fans will love this next guest coming to Anime Expo. CyberConnect2(CC2), known in the west for the .hack game series as well the long running successful Naruto Ultimate Ninja fighting games, will be heading to Los Angeles to speak to attendees about their latest game, Fuga. 

Fuga is a strategy simulation game that takes place in the same world as CC2’s previous title, Solatorobo. The game is slated to be relased in Fall 2019.

Attending will be CC2 Vice President Taichiro Miyazaki, and character modeler Keven Ouellet as they host talk panels about the game, how working as a foreigner in Japan is like and even an Autograph session.

Taichiro Miyazaki is in charge of managing company personnel and finances, as well as creating business partnerships both in Japan and across the world. He also oversees the overall development of CC2’s game titles.

Keven is one of the starting members of the Montreal Studio. He has been contributing his skills to project Fuga as the main 3D artist.


Fans will be able to try out a Fuga demo at Anime Expo in the Entertainment Hall. For more information on panel schedule and autograph sessions, check out the CC2 Anime Expo page: http://www.cc2.co.jp/animeexpo2019/