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Cursed Sails Extended And Forsaken Shores Event Detailed

Last week during the Sea of Thieves Developer Update, fans were notified that The Cursed Sails Event would be extended by one week. However, this week during gamescom, we were given more details on this and the next 2 events upcoming in Sea of Thieves.

First comes the extension on The Cursed Sails Event. Now players will have an additional week to complete challenges given to them via the Bilge Rats. This extension given to the players is due to the time zones in game not exactly being friendly to those who have full time work and/or education schedules. For example, if you wanted to complete one of three area battles, you would need to play periodically in a 12 hour period. So a player would alwasys miss an event while they were at work, and miss it again, due to it occuring during sleeping hours. Fans all around are ver happy about this extension, because it also brings another time zone swap. Now all players should have an opportunity to play all 3 battles!

The next event detailed was the next Bilge Rat Adventure, the mini events that occur in between larger updates. This Bilge Rat Adventure will introduce the use of cursed cannonballs for players to use. This adventure will also introduce the new “Reapers Mark”. This new mechanic will be a voluntary icon the world places above you for ships to try and attack you. It seems that rewards will be given to players who win battles with the Reaper’s Mark overhead, as well as to players who chose to fight enemy ships with the mark. This will encourage players to engage in more PvP encounters, and add more variety to combat.

Finally we were given more details on the next big Sea of Thieves expansion, Forsaken Shores. Not a lot was detailed outside a new trailers showing players a view of the new area, “The Devil’s Roar” as well as a few details on what is coming in the update. The new area will have active volcanoes, heated waters, and geysers that will shoot players high distances into the air. This new are will also bring a new outpost, with new vendors. Rowboats were again mentioned, but no new details were given. A new mission type was outlines as “Cargo Runs” where players have to escort certain goods in a pristine condition in order to achieve full value; the example was given of transporting Run Bottles without breaking them. These new quests should break up the manotiny of the traditional merchant alliance quest of searching for animals.

A Release date of Wednesday, September 19th was given for this huge update. And it is no coincidence that this update falls on “International Talk Like a Pirate Day”. YAR!!!