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Crossplay Is Coming To Apex Legends

Perhaps one of the greatest frustrations that plague gamers, is when friends choose to game primarily on a different platform than you do. With recent popular titles such as Rocket League and Fortnite being able to fix this problem with the introduction of crossplay, many are now wondering if this feature will come to the new smash hit, Apex Legends.

The answer is yes!

Eurogamer had this to say from their interview with developers from Respawn-

Although cross-play is unavailable at launch, Respawn told Eurogamer it “plans to allow players to play with their friends on other platforms”. Cross-progress and cross-purchases, however, will never be possible in Apex Legends, “due to the way systems were set up early on” which “can’t [be] reconciled after the fact”. In other words,  as cross-play only recently became a possibility, it will never be fully integrated into Apex Legends.

While it is unfortunate progress will not be available ever, it is great to see Respawn Entertainment be so open and transparent about the idea. This is also such a minor problem when you can play however you want, on whatever platform the game is on, with any of your friends.


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