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Exclusive: Costumes and Props from OBLIVION: A Preview for the Upcoming Blu-ray and DVD Release (Part One of Three)

BD_Oblivion_Ocard_3DCostumes and Props from OBLIVION: A Preview for the Upcoming Blu-ray and DVD Release

Members of the Entertainment Industry’s press were invited by the producers of the Tom Cruise sci-fi adventure feature “Oblivion” to take part in an experimental tour on the lot at Universal Studios to promote the upcoming Blu-ray and DVD release of the film. The tour highlighted the special effects of the film in the following areas: costumes and props, Bubbleship presentation, and visual effects.

The invitees were divided into three smaller groups and assigned to a mini-tour. Nuke the Fridge’s first leg of the tour started with the Costumes and Props on Stage 36. (After lunch, Nuke the Fridge’s own Louis Love was invited to do a 1-on-1 interview with director Joseph Kosinski on the same sound stage.)

NBC/ Universal Archives Manager Deidre Thieman gave the press an opportunity to examine the costumes, weapons, drones, sleep pod and moto bike made expressly for the film. The TET technology presented in “Oblivion” is monochromatic in color due to the fact that this is a day time science fiction film. The hand props and souvenirs Jack (Tom Cruise) finds in the film were on display such as the ‘ring on a chain’ and the handguns.  Heavier props such as the rifles were made out of rubber in order for the actors to carry them without being encumbered. Jack’s white costume, while showing signs of weathering was created from scratch using molded rubber and plastic. It also included breathing panels for air exchange and comfort.

The “Scavs” costumes were quite different from the TET attire. Their outfits were dark, and gritty reflecting the struggle to survive while living under a ruined Earth. Dark colors were used for these costumes with heavy protective layers, helmets, and breathers. These costumes exuded the point that life isn’t easy living on or under a scorched Earth.

One of the highlights of the props was Jack’s Moto Bike.  There were several variations of this versatile machine. The bike is designed to be accessed from the rear of the Bubbleship and folded into a complete vehicle. Different stages of the bike were fabricated to give the illusion that this could be done easily in one to two steps.  The actual Moto Bike was transformed from a Honda CRF 450X by Justin Kell of Glory Motor Works.  The bike was built for Cruise’s height and the actor’s specifications.  Cruise is an actual motorcycle enthusiast who did quite a few of his own on-camera stunts on the futuristic dirt bike.

A practical Drone 109 was displayed to demonstrate the inner workings of the film’s drones, which are presented as a combination of comic relief and killing machines.  It had an active camera eye and four sets of deadly vertical side swivel mounted guns.  The prop on this stage was used for the repair scene with a fiberglass shell created by concept illustrator Daniel Simon.

Next, the group was shown the dress that actress Andrea Riseborough wore as a TET technician in the film. The dress was light gray and made of a thin material with a pin and belt.

The final prop that was unique to “Oblivion” was the sleep pod. It was created out of fiberglass for ease of lifting and movement by Jack. The gray colored pod is a full-size container, which holds one person, in this case the beautiful Julia (actress Olga Kurylenko.) The practical sleep pod was much heavier and fully detailed on the inside to accommodate the actress. It also sported breathing panels for air exchange and comfort.

“Oblivion” will arrive on Blu-ray/DVD/UltraViolet on August 6th. The film stars Tom Cruise, Olga Kurylenko, Andrea Riseborough, Morgan Freeman, Nikolaj Coster-Waldau, Melissa Leo, Zoe Bell, Abigail Lowe, Isabelle Lowe and David Madison.  Karl Gajdusek and Michael Arndt (as Michael deBruyn) wrote the screenplay, which is based on the original graphic novel story by Joseph Kosinski.  Joseph Kosinski directs.

Source: Nuke the Fridge Exclusive