If you have been watching Fox’s hit TV series Gotham, then you know very well that Edward Nygma, who is played by Cory Michael Smith, has the hots for Kristen Kringle. After tonight’s episode, we seen things take a dramatic turn for Edward Nygma.  Just over two weeks ago at Wondercon in Anaheim Ca., I caught up with Gotham’s Cory Michael Smith for a roundtable interview. I asked him a question that has been on my mind since early on in the begin of the season of Gotham. I asked Cory Michael Smith about Edward Nygma’s love interest.


Q: We have never seen Edward Nygma have a love interest before, what is it like for you to show the world Edward’s first real love interest?

Cory Michael Smith: You know, a lot of people seem to think that Edward Nygma isn’t supposed to be with a girl. One time someone even tweeted me saying that ‘Edward isn’t supposed to be with a girl!’ I think it’s fun and interesting to see that maybe there’s a reason that nobody has ever seen him with a girl. Like maybe something happened to him which lead to him not ever being with a girl. I think it’s really interesting to explore that kind of side of him.


There is only two more Gotham episodes left. Don’t miss out on seeing these characters take dramatic steps to becoming who we all know they will eventually become.

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