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Control hands-on preview

With E3 just around the corner, you can expect to hear a lot of previews of upcoming games especially from us. Not too long ago, we were invited by 505 Games to get an early-hands on preview with their upcoming 3rd-person Sci-Fi shooter, Control.

Developed by Max Payne and Alan Wake developers Remedy Entertainment, Control was revealed last year at E3. you can check out our first impressions here.

The demo was set sometime later in the game as we assume the role of Jesse Faden, the new Director of the Federal Bureau of Control. The Bureau is in the midst of a crisis, as its employees have been possessed by a mysterious force called the Hiss. At the start of the demo, you find yourself locked inside Control and you must make your way to the security team but you aren’t alone as weird creatures appear and you must survive not only waves of enemies but the unknown.

Jesse is armed with a gun that is able to transform into other firearms including a shotgun but her telekinesis is easily my favorite thing about her. At the start of the demo, I played conservatively as I hid behind items and walls and took my time taking out enemies one by one trying to avoid taking damage but by halfway through I played a bit more recklessly and that’s because it was a lot more fun. It took a few hits with my normal gun to finish off a single enemy but one item thrown at them takes them out instantly, the shotgun was powerful but being able to just Jedi Force throw an enemy just felt so fulfilling, maybe more so than it should of and that’s because there is no shortage of items as everything from trash cans to file drawers, fire extinguishers, chairs, tables and the list of items goes on.

The game like to mess with you, at different points in the demo, I came across various rooms that had a psychedelic look to them but when I tried entering it I almost instantly died, I was never able to find out what they do but it seems it is something you will be able to access later in the game via a skill or just something I couldn’t enter in the demo. The game also likes to mess with your senes to at times, you notice weird things happening as you progress which includes a weird charcoal-like substance appearing at times in battle, hanging shadows, and the Astral Plane which by completing you are given new abilities.

I had a lot of fun playing Control, I am interested to learn more about the game and Jesse’s ability plus just what exactly is the Hiss. Even traveling between locations seems interesting as you need to capture an area that reminded me of a transmutation circle from some dark creepy cult, the controls for the game where pretty solid and everything from shooting to throwing objects felt smooth.

Control will be released on August 27th, 2019 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC as an Epic Game store exclusive.