John_Constantine_0013Deadline reports that a Constantine drama has sold to NBC with penalty. Which means that if the pilot doesn’t air, the network will have to pay a good amount of money to writer/executive producers Daniel Crone & David S. Goyer. Goyer happens to be co-writer of Nolan’s Dark Knight series, Man of Steel & the upcoming Batman/Superman movie.

According to Deadline, the upcoming TV version of Constantine will be “an enigmatic & irreverent con man turned-reluctant supernatural detective who is thrust into the role of defending us against the dark forces from beyond.”

John Constantine first debuted in 1985 in The Saga of the Swamp Thing. He became a recurring character before getting his own series, Hellblazer in 1988. The series ran for 25 years, which 20 of them were part of DC’s Vertigo. Constantine then was rebooted in DC’s New 52.

It’s unclear on which version we will see. The British, cynical, alcoholic or the “Keanu Reeves” version which was an American that didn’t quite resemble the comic version of the character.

There are also rumors going around that Hellboy director Guillermo del Toro is working on an outline for a Justice League Dark-style Dark Universe movie, which could possibly star Constantine, Swamp Thing & Zatanna. But there is no official from DC or Warner Bros. on that.

DC has been picking up on the TV side of things. With Arrow coming out with it’s 2nd season, The Flash who will make his debut on it who will also get his own series on CW, Gotham which just got picked up by Fox & now Contantine going to NBC. It’s clear & obvious that the hot commidty in Hollywood right now is superheroes & comic books.


source: Deadline

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