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CONAN RED SONJA #4: The Finale Issue

25320With Conan Red Sonja #4, we see the finale of the crossover series. The two fates of two iconic comic characters will be known by the end of this issue.

The issue starts off where the last issue ended, with Conan and Red Sonja squaring off, in order to protect the existence of their people.


From beginning to end, this issue is all action, which makes it impossible to put the book down. The downside to all of the action is that it seems that the issue is a bit short because there isn’t much dialogue or narration to keep you on each panel for more than a couple seconds. Don’t get me wrong, there is enough dialogue and narration in the book to keep it from being called a picture book. There is still enough story in this issue that makes it worth the read. Plus, it’s the final issue of the really good crossover, so why wouldn’t you want to read it? Plus, the art is stunning so that keeps you looking at the panels a bit longer.


There’s more reasons to read this issue than there is reasons not to. It’s action packed, the art is wonderfully done and both Conan and Red Sonja are displayed throughout the issue and the series, equally and just add to their legacies. There’s no disappointment with this series and I enjoyed it all the way from issue 1 to this final issue. Gail Simone and Jim Zub did an absolutely great job with this series.

Conan Red Sonja #4 hits stands April 29.