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25277“Conan the Avenger” #7, is the first part of T”he Damned Horde” story arch. It’s a good place to start if you haven’t been reading Conan in awhile.

This particular issue begins a new journey for Conan. Just in this one issue, you see the aftermath of war, deadly battles and a brand new alliance being made.

The story is written by Fred Van Lente, who has been a familiar name with the Conan books. Fred Van Lente does a great job when it comes to the narration of the story. It really seems as if someone is telling you a story as if you were sitting around a fire or hearing about a mythological figure. The action looks amazing which is both Fred Van Lente’s doing with the help of artist Brian Ching (Conan, Star Wars: Omnibus).

The art is something that really stuck out to me. It’s a great looking book. Brian Ching’s art style makes a great story, even when there are no words on the page. The looks in the eyes of the slave girl, really capture an emotion as if you can just feel the character coming off of the page. The light blues and reds used in this book just help the artwork stand out even more.


This has been the first Conan book that I have read in over a year or so, but it’s looking like a pretty interesting story arch with a beautiful looking book. The action is awesome, the narrating is great and the art is just outstanding. I’m eager to read what’s next for Conan and his allies.