Complete List of Mutants in X-MEN: DAYS OF FUTURE PAST (Images Included)

After this week’s massive reveal of X-men: Days of Future Past collector’s covers by Empire Magazine, I decided to make a list & brief rundown of each mutant & character that we will see in the “biggest ever superhero movie.” So here we go!

proxProfessor X aka Charles Xavier- Played by both Patrick Stewart & James McAvoy, He is the founder of the X-men & the founder of the school for the gifted youngters/Xavier Institute in the films. Although paralyzed from the waste down, Xavier’s abilities lay within his mind. He has telepathy, mind control, memory alteration & is also a genius. He teaches mutants how to use their abilities for good rather than evil.


Magneto aka Max Eisenhardt- Played by both Ian McKellen & Michael Fassbender. He was a holocaust survivor & befriended Charles Xavier early on in his life. He is the founder of the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants as well as the House of M. His abilities include magnetism manipulation, magnetic force fields, flight, & is a genius. His helmet allows him immunity from telepathic attacks. He is also the father of Quicksilver aka Pietro Maximoff & Scarlet Witch aka Wanda Maximoff. He vows to dominate the human race which he looks down upon but also sees the humans as threats to mutants.


Wolverine aka Logan- Played by Hugh Jackman is probably the most popular of the X-men. He was a part of the “Weapon X” program (an experimental program) which is where he was “given” an adamantium-laced skeletal structure. His adamantium retractable claws allow him to cut into just about anything.  He has a superhuman healing factor which makes him almost invincible. He also has superhuman senses, strength, agility, stamina, & reflexes. Wolverine is also a skilled tactician & is well known for being anti-authority.


Beast aka Hank McCoy- Played by Nicholas Hoult, Hank was a founding member of the X-men but during that time he only had ape-like abilities without the beastly look. He developed the beast-like look when he used an hormonal extract he used to disguise his appearance, but instead it enhanced his mutant genes to give him the blue fur look that we know of him today. Beast is a scientific genius. He has superhuman strength, speed, agility, stamina, senses & dexterity with a genius-intellect.


Storm aka Ororo Munroe- Played by Halle Berry. In the comics, Storm was Princess of N’Dare in Kenya. Though watching the X-men films, you would have never guessed it. Ororo became an orphan after the death of her parents during an air attack which Ororo survived  but developed a huge case of claustrophobia due to being trapped under the wreckage. Later she is worshipped as a goddess for her ability to control the weather before joining the X-men. Throughout the years, Storm often was leader of the X-men when Cyclops wasn’t.

icemanIceman aka Bobby Drake- Played by Shawn Ashmore. Iceman is also one of the founding members of the X-men. Iceman has the ability of cryokinesis which means that he can freeze anything around him as well as turn his body into ice form. Although in the films, Iceman & the villain Pyro were brothers, that part was totally made up for the film.  Also made up for the film was the relationship between he & Rogue. In the comics he had a thing going with Kitty Pryde for awhile.


Kitty Pryde aka Shadowcat aka Katherine Pryde- Played by Ellen Page. Kitty Pryde has the ability of “phasing” which allows her to move through objects. Unlike the film, the comic series Uncanny X-men: Days of Future Past, was centered more around Kitty & her mind traveling back in time. The film version is more centered around Wolverine going back in time to stop an assassination which will prove costly to mutants.


Colossus aka Piotr Nikolaievitch Rasputin- Played by Daniel Cudmore. In the comics, Colossus was a mutant from Russia with the ability to transform into an organic steel which also gives him superhuman strength & durability. Colossus is typically portrayed as a peaceful mutant, only using his power to protect the innocent. He is also a second generation X-men.


Havok aka Alex Summers- Played by Lucas Till. Havok in the comics was son of Corsair & younger brother of Scott Summers aka Cyclops. Havok first appeared in the Uncanny X-men in March of 69. Havok is known to generate massive plasma blasts which like the film, was difficult to control. In the film X-men: First Class, there was no mention of him having a brother. Cyclops will not be in the upcoming film either.


Bishop aka Lucas Bishop- Will be played by Omar Sy. Bishop was a member of Professor X’s Security Enforcers which is a mutant police force from the future. He wears a well known “M” brand over his eye which was used to identify mutants in the future. Bishop has the abilities to absorb energy, can also instinctively know what exact time & date he is in. He is also equipped with “XSE” guns that shoot out laser beams & plasma charges. Also his right hand is prosthetic which is a nuclear powered arm which includes a time traveling device in it.


Quicksilver aka  Pietro Maximoff- Played by Evan Peters. Quicksilver son of Magneto, was a member of teams such as the Brotherhood of Evil, Avengers, & X-Factor to name a few. His abilities include super speed, thinking at superhuman speeds, & can create tornado like winds due to his speed. From what we’ve seen in pictures, like the rest of the X-men characters in film, he doesn’t have the familiar look of what we see in the comics.


Mystique aka Raven Darkholme- Played by Jennifer Lawrence. Mystique, one of the founders of the Brotherhood of Evil had the ability to shapeshift into anyone or any animal. She is also skilled in combat. In the films, she was practically nude with scales. In the comics, she was known for her white dress she wore & for being the mother of both Nightcrawler whose father was Azazel (who was in X-men: First Class) & Mystique was also the adoptive mother of Rogue. But all of that was completely thrown out when it came to the films.


Toad aka Mortimer Toynbee- First played by Ray Park & will be played by Evan Joinkeit in the upcoming film. Toad was also a founding member of the Brotherhood of Evil. His name pretty much describe his abilities. He has a toad-like tongue with adhesive spit, he had the ability to leap at great heights & distances & also was able to stick to surfaces.


Warpath aka James Proudstar- Played by BooBoo Stewart. Based on the comics, Warpath was also known as the second Thunderbird (the original Thunderird was his older brother). An Apache Native American, Warpath has the abilities of superhuman strength & speed, the ability to fly, & is trained in combat. A superhuman clap from him can bring a sentinel to come crashing down. He was both a villain at one point & a hero.

blinkBlink aka Clarice Ferguson- Played by Bingbing Fan. Blink has the ability of teleportation which include teleporting herself, a group of people or large objects. In the comics, Blink only lasted a month before getting killed. She then reemerged in the comic series “Age of Apocalypse.” She was a member of both the X-men & the New Mutants.


Sunspot aka Roberto “Bobby” da Costa- Played by Adan Canto. Sunspot was also a member of New Mutants & the X-Force. His powers include the ability to absorb solar power & then channel it into a weapon of his own. He can fly & also has superhuman strength.


Bolivar Trask- Played by Peter Dinklage. He was military scientist that saw mutants as a threat. Trask is resonsible for creating the giant robot army called the sentinels.

nimrodSentinels/Future Sentinels- Are the giant robot army that are built by Trask to protect the humans & wipeout the mutants. The future sentinel is one which is even stronger than the original sentinels. Cinema Blend even speculates that the future sentinel is possibly Nimrod which also appears in the comic series “Days of Future Past.” That really adds up if you think about it since Nimrod is a sentinel from the future that is more evolved with the abilities of shape shifting, teleportation & energy blasts.


William Stryker- Originally played by Brian Cox on X2 then Danny Huston in Wolverine, is now being played by Josh Helman. Stryker was a U.S. Colonel  which is most known for is involvement for giving Wolverine his adamantium bones. He was hateful towards mutants. In the comics he killed his wife & mutant son.

Even though Rogue was pictured on one of the covers, director Bryan Singer revealed that her one part in the movie has been cut from the film.

X-men: Days of Future Past hits theaters May 23.

Which characters are you most excited to see?

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