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NTF Comic Spotlight: Red Skull Incarnate #1

With the Captain America movie just around the corner Marvel has decided to give readers an inside look at the First Avenger’s nemesis the Red Skull’s origins. Greg Pak who also wrote Magneto: Testament gives us a look into a young boy by the name of  Johann Schmidt and his road to becoming the infamous Red Skull. Not only does the series brings us to understand the inner workings of the individual who becomes the Red Skull but it also educates readers on the historical aspects of the Nazi party.

In the first issue of Red Skull: Incarnate Greg Pak and Mirko Colak brings readers to Munich, Germany in November 1923 and to a young Johann Schmidt who was raised in a home for wayward boys by an abusive headmaster berates him and his fellow orphans on a regular basis and who later forces Schmidt to watch a Nazi parade go by. Throughout the issue readers will learn how an ordinary innocent boy will one day take up the mantle of one of Captain America’s greatest enemies.

Ultimately we all know that Schmidt will one day become the Red Skull but combined with the writing of Pak and the artwork of Colak it has this reader thirsting for more.


– Michael Pao aka MPsy –