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Ebay might be set ablaze tomorrow with Catwoman 23.

Those looking to make the short term Ebay money that was rampant when the DC first launched their New52 titles might want to get to their comic shop early tomorrow. It’s being reported by multiple sources that Catwoman #23 will see the first appearance of the Joker’s Daughter. The character will get her own one shot in September’s Villain’s month with a 3D cover that’s already in short supply. Right now Ebay has Catwoman 23  listed at 99cents for auction but after the issue hits stores tomorrow that will change if the book is a sell out like retailers are betting it will be. In anticipation, most of the overflow from diamond’s distribution centers have been put on order by retailers. So if you’re at your local store or the Frank and Sons show tomorrow keep an eye out for this one.



Since writing this I’ve just learned that diamond is completely out of the book. So yeah looks like it could happen.

Do you have this issue on your pull list? Will you be putting it up on Ebay? Or are you tired of market inflation? Let us know

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