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Comic-Con 2013 Gallery: Toys and Statues

Hello again, fellow Fridge Nukers! Bradfield here, reporting from the toy aisles of the future.

Comic-Con really is the gift that keeps on giving. Here, it is in the form of another gallery from NTF photog, Carlos Duncan.

Without a doubt, in addition to the collectors who flock to San Diego every year to find rare comics, and exclusive toys from bigger manufacturers like Hasbro and Mattel, Comic-Con is a major destination for toy-philes on the hunt for alternative, short run, and/or custom toys from smaller, more artisan oriented manufacturers. Additionally, high-profile companies like Sideshow Collectibles always bring their A Game in the form of a glimpse into the future of what fans will be hunting for over the next year.

So, without further or do, clear some room on your shelves – it’s going to be a busy 2013/2014.