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Comic Book Review – NOVA #1

imagesCaliburn24 here with the adventures of the Human Rocket! 

Jeph Loeb and Ed McGuinness, the team that worked on issues of Superman and Superman/Batman have gone Marvel Now! with the first issue of Nova.  They have brought in a new Nova so there is no need to go back and hunt down issues of Annihilation or Guardians of the Galaxy except to know that the Nova Corps are a version of the Green Lanterns.  The Ed McGuinness cover has the teen Nova flying out of a space warp.  The first page is a space vista which slowly winds in cinematic fashion seventenn years ago to the Nova narrator to his son Sam.  The grizzled Nova, Jesse, is flying towards opponents ahead of his teammates, Titus and Mister Z’zz whom Sam calls the “thing with the thing.”  This all leads to a two page spread as the Novas blast away at the aliens with Rocket Raccoon and Gamora.  Rocket Raccoon was brought into the new Guardians of the Galaxy, but started out as a limited series with pencils by Mike Mignola.  Gamora is the sword wielding green-skinned daughter of Thanos created by Jim Starlin.

Jesse’s reply to his teammate Titus, “Just peachy” gets a remark from Sam that people don’t say that anymore.  He flies towards the Badoon spaceship and blows it up.  Titus picks him up and later injects him with something.  A panel breaks the narrative with the now older Jesse giving out a green shaded, “Blaargh!”  Sam takes his father from the Carefree High School bathroom to a cot in the garage.  Above Sam, rests the Nova helmet.  Sam raids the fridge as his mother talks to him.  They are about to get into an argument when they are interrupted by Sam’s younger sister, Kaelynn.  The next morning, Sam skates to class when he is blocked by the fist of the school bully, Moffet.  Just in case, you don’t get the Back to the Future reference, the bald, school personnel, Mr. Philbin, breaks them up.  Sam is skating away his troubles when the girl with multiple piercings and purple hair streak, Carrie, offers to help him clean the restrooms to cover for his father.

Another cosmic adventure, fifteen years ago, is related by Jesse to his daughter.  The star shaped spaceship is fleeing blasts by pursuing Rigellian ships.  There is another two page spread as the Nova corpsmen are manning the ship including two Novas that looks like jelly babies and say, “Gleep.”  Titus confronts Jesse and tells him that they are close enough to Earth.  So Jesse should return to his wife and leave them behind.  The older Jesse watches as Kaelynn readies for sleep.  Sam overhears the story and is angry that his father is telling the stories to his sister.  His mother gets angry at her son and tells him that she hopes Sam would grow up to be half the man his father is now.  Sam replies sarcastically, “Half a high school janitor.”  He goes off skating and reaches the end of the town.
Sam returns and tries to tell Kaelynn that the stories are not true.  The next day, he sees out of order tape around the bathroom, he throws a punch at Moffett, but is struck down in return.  Sam rushes into the garage to tell his father he’s suspended.  Instead he finds a part of the wall torn out and the helmet is missing.  He goes skating to find his father, but his wheel hits a pebble sending him into the pavement.  Sam gets some episodes of the doctor, Kaelynn, and his mother checking on him.  He wakes up to see in a full page Rocket Raccoon and Gamora with a Nova helmet in his hospital room.  Sam replies, “Just…peachy.”  The young kid in a trailer park who is enlisted in a galactic war smacks of The Last Starfighter.  It will be interesting to see where Loeb and McGuinness are going and how it ties in with the upcoming Guardians of the Galaxy series by Brian Michael Bendis and Steve McNiven.