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justiceleaguebeyondCaliburn24 here at Neo-Gotham.

The Justice League Beyond series is a digital series running on the DC Comics website. The first 15 chapters are collected in trade paperback form in Justice League Beyond: Konstriction. The Justice League Unlimited team was introduced in the Batman Beyond season three two part episode, “The Call” (2000). The team consisted of Superman, Big Barda, Aquagirl, Warhawk, Micron, Static, and Kai-Ro, the young, bald-headed Green Lantern. The Terry McGinnis Batman joined the team in that episode and was instrumental in freeing the league from the control of Starro. McGinnis faced Kobra in the last episodes of Batman Beyond, “Curse of the Kobra” (2001). The Batman Beyond verse for those who didn’t see the show takes place in 2039. In Neo-Gotham, young teen, Terry McGinnis, trains under the old Bruce Wayne to wear the new high-tech Batman suit. He is helped by Police Commissoner Barbara Gordon against threats like the Jokerz gang.

The comic co-written (with Derek Fridolfs who also inks the comic) and penciled by Dustin Nguyen who is bringing in young readers with the Batman: Lil’ Gotham title, though based on the animated series has some mature content. A splash page on Neo-Gotham has news reports on video screens explaining about the dangers of genetic modification on the streets. This is tied to a Batman Beyond episode, “Splicers” (1999). This has resulted in the Animal Kingdom gang that is facing off against the Jokerz. They are interrupted by the Justice League Beyond team with McGinnis noting that the zoo and the circus are in town. The team takes on both gangs. Warhawk is the son of the John Stewart Green Lantern and Hawkgirl though his wings (and armor) are made of nth metal. His origin is shown at the back of the trade by Eric Nguyen. Kai-Ro is the Green Lantern of Sector 2814, a successor to the other Gls of Earth. The best part is the big clown muttering “Ignorebigladywithstick” as Big Barda strikes the gang members with her Mega-rod. She of course is a Jack Kirby creation who first appeared in Mister Miracle #4 (1971).

Aquagirl calls in the JLB with a code red emergency. She is the green haired daughter of Aquaman and Mera. Her origin is told by James Brouwer. The team defeats the gang including the Jokerz twins, Dee Dee, and the Gotham PD led by Barbara Gordon takes them into custody. The League returns to the Justice League Watchtower in Metropolis. They see Bizarra and Kidzarro contained by Superman and he explains that snake cult, Kobra, has gotten the attention of the JLB. He has sent Micron to infiltrate the cult, but Superman suspects he may have betrayed them. They travel to Micron’s last known location, the Cadmus labs on Dinosaur Island. The team enters the lab and face Lex bots which are crushed by Kai-ro’s ring. Micron slips away and throws down vials that form into Parasites. The Parasite is a Superman villain that can absorb powers. Kai-ro holds them off while Batman Beyond goes after Micron and both are knocked out by gas. The lab explodes, but the JLB is in a protective force bubble summoned by Kai-ro. Superman senses that neither of their teammates are around.

At a Kobra base, Micron brings a briefcase past cult members calling on Kali Yuga and others loading bombs. McGinnis has infiltrated the base using the suit’s stealth mode. He frees a prisoner and faces the size-shifting Micron. Batman Beyond knocks out Micron using the suit’s electrical shock and stuffs the tiny hero in his belt’s pouch. The League and Bruce Wayne are searching for their lost members when McGinnis brings in Micron and also the prisoner, Amanda Waller. A Kobra member shows the queen the briefcase which is carrying a Motherbox. This is a New Gods device that can do almost anything. Meanwhile, Waller explains to the JLB that Kobra is after an ancient book that was found by a group, not identified, but obviously the Challengers of the Unknown. They are a team created by Jack Kirby in Showcase #6 (1957). Waller continues with her report telling them that Kobra has used the book to find the Ouroboros, a giant snake that can end the world.

Waller goes on to say that Kobra used bombs to awaken in the Ouroboros from its sleep in the deep sea. Aquagirl believes that her father, Aquaman, could stop it, but we see his broken trident floating in the sea. Waller talks about the serpent’s impending destruction with scenes showing the snake wrapped around the Statue of Liberty with Kamandi the Last Boy on Earth, a nod to Kirby’s cover, also OMAC, and finally the Forever People racing away from the Ouroboros. Big Barda says they should travel to New Genesis. Warhawk says that Boom Tubes were closed off because of past invasions. McGinnis says that he knows where there is another Motherbox. He goes to the Batcave to talk to Bruce Wayne along with Superman. McGinnis gets a new suit after the previous one was damaged. The JLB leaves via Boom Tube with Jimmy Olsen to watch over Micron and Waller. They reach New Genesis, but it is a wasteland like Apokolips. This covers about half of the trade, but there are more battles, cameos, miraculous escapes, and sacrifices that kicks off this first part of Justice League Beyond.