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Comic Book Review: Fairy Quest #1

fairyquestCaliburn24 here with the Paul Jenkins and Humberto Ramos Kickstarter project, Fairy Quest #1 published by Boom Studios. 

The creative team worked together on Spectuacular Spider-Man. The cover features the looming black furred head of the Bad Wolf ringed by the characters including lil’ Red Hood (not the Batman hero).  Ramos’ cartoony art finally has the perfect match here.  An illustrated frontpiece starts the comic with a mother reading to her son.  She starts reading about the world of Fablewood, an enchanted forest where the story of Little Red Riding Hood and the Big Bad Wolf is set.  The original fairy tale was recorded by Charles Perrault and adapted into animated films, Hoodwinked!, the Once Upon a Time tv show, and even a film starring Amanda Seyfried. 

   The story begins with typical fairy tale narration with Red skipping through the forest with birds flying around her.  The Wolf sees her, Ramos brings several close-ups of the wolf’s eye, tail, and teeth.  Red looks nervous and then the wolf leaps at her.  Wolf starts to run her down, she trips and the Wolf growls that he is hungry.  Red’s response is to burst out laughing joined by Wolf.  Red gives him a bone as a treat before skipping off to grandmother’s house.  Mister Grimm, a short, grey-haired man in a coat, is disturbed at Red breaking away from the official dialogue of the story.  He confides this to his Think Police henchman, Turque, who covers most of his face in a hood.  Grimm, of course based on the recorders of fairy tales, Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm, is the controller of the inhabitants of Fablewood.
The next page is a return to the narrative summing up the Wolf disguising himself as Red’s grandmother, chasing her, and getting captured by the hunters.  Red interrupts the script again to whisper to the Wolf that she will see him the next day.  The hunters are given citations for straying from the story.  The town is drenched in rain, the Think Police remark that it is always a dark and stormy night.  Red braves the rain to reach the Wolf.  She covers herself in a blanket to stay by Wolf’s side.  Red goes off to bring some food and Wolf looks sad alone in the rain with the blanket over him.  The Storybook Characters are having an intervention meeting.  Cindy confides in the others that the life with the prince is not a fairy tale and she’s tired of the pumpkin.  Red appears and tells the characters that she is friends with the Big Bad Wolf.  She tells the other that they should find a place Far Away from Fablewood.
One of the Storybook Characters, Dwix the dwarf, says that he has heard rumors of such a world called the Realworld (I think it’s in the MTV dimension).  Red is fascinated in the Realworld, a place where they wouldn’t be forced to tell stories, only pay taxes.  Grimm has the Storybook Characters assembled in the town square the next day.  He has the prisoner, Cindy, taken into the Mind Eraser.  Grimm reads off the next prisoners to be taken to the Mind Eraser which is all of the characters at the support group.  Red is on the run and reaches Wolf.  The Think Police is closing in on them riding horses and dragons. Red rides Wolf to escape the Think Police, they try to go to grandmother’s house, but she alerts the Think Police.  They race past a giant chess set and Ramos has a large panel with the Wolf racing with Red.  Wolf leaps on the Mind Eraser and they bound over the wall.
Red has Wolf take them to a swamp where she says they will be safe from the Think Police.  She explains that she has been to this swamp before.  Below, Wolf is a sign that says Never Land.  While she says they are safe, a wooden cage leaps up and traps them.  The last page has Red and Wolf looking up… to be greeted by a red-haired Peter with the Lost Boys and the blue Tinkerbell at his side.  This story was meant to be a graphic novel, but is instead broken down to a two issue limited series.  It’s a fresh take on fairy tales with some great art by Humberto Ramos who interestingly enough happens to be one of the guests at Cosplay Con 2013 on April 13.  You may get your Fairy Quest copies signed there. 
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