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Here we are folks, 2017 is over leaving us with great memories of comic book, Halloween, sci-fi and fan conventions from last year. All of us here at Nuke The Fridge had a great time attending Wondercon, Star Wars Celebration and San Diego Comic Con just to name a few. Now we know conventions can be a bit daunting navigating through a sea of cosplayers, collectors and all around comic book enthusiasts. However, if you’re looking for a truly immersive fan filled experience, take a look at our annual list of “cons” to look out for in 2018. Keep in mind, this is not a comprehensive list of all the events for the pop culture enthusiast. Rather, this is some of our favorite conventions as well as some other events we hope to attend in the near future. If you want more information on each event, simply click on the photo. Let’s take a look.

Wondercon Anaheim Convention Center March 23rd- March 25th
Wondercon is of course in the San Diego Comic-Con International family and is run by the same organization. The show is held at the Anaheim Convention Center and is a precursor to San Diego Comic Con. This show has the hardcore comic book enthusiast in mind with the list of writers, artists, and pencillers listed as special guests. The ability to purchase a badge is much easier than it’s big brother which makes this event one of the more favorable among comic book fans. Put this one on your to-do list for 2018.

Silicon Valley Con San Jose Convention Center April 6th- 8th
Pop culture and technology collide in one of the fastest growing conventions in recent years. Silicone Valley Con features celebrities, comic books, artists, cosplay and all of the usual goodies one can find at a comic book convention. What makes this con unique is the inclusion of modern technology music and apps. Steve “Woz” Wozniak, co-founder of Apple is part of this can’t miss event.

Monsterpalooza Pasadena Convention Center April 13th- 15th
Ahhh, good ol’ Monsterpalooza! This convention is just what the title claims to be, all things monster and horror related. What we love about Monsterpalooza is the dedication to the horror genre. You’ll find a monster museum, make-up demos, and celebrity guests all related to the horror universe. The panels are exceptional and feature some of the best artists and movie makers in the entertainment industry. If all of this isn’t enough to satisfy your monstrous appetite, the show floor has over 250 exhibitors selling some of the coolest monster swag around. Make sure to attend Monsterpalooza 2018!

Mad Monster Scottsdale Az TBH
Mad Monster is a horror sci-fi fantasy themed convention with some great celebrity attendees. It is a bit intimate but it still has some of the most sought-after horror and sci-fi celebrities in attendance. This event feels much more like a party and is a lot of fun. Staying at the host hotel for the event puts you right in the middle of all the madness. Seek out this convention, you’ll have a great time.

E3 Expo Los Angeles Convention Center June 12th- 14th
Remember when E3 was a trade show only? Not anymore! This extremely popular video game show is now open to everyone from the everyday consumer to the industry folks looking for the latest in video game technology. Unfortunately, now that the convention is open to the public, it pushed the Los Angeles Convention Center to capacity. This year E3 staff will be making some changes to accommodate everyone and make it a much more enjoyable experience.

Anime Expo Los Angeles Convention Center July 5th- 8th
Anime Expo is a cosplayer’s dream. With everything ranging from Anime/ Manga, music and gaming, this convention is widely popular among young adults. This is one of the biggest events to celebrate Japanese pop culture in the United States. Be prepared for a sea of people and some of the coolest anime cosplay you’ve ever seen!

San Diego Comic-Con San Diego Convention Center July 19th- 22nd
This is the big one folks! Many plan for this event all year long. San Diego Comic-Con international literally takes over the downtown San Diego area with plenty to do and see beyond the convention. SDCC has grown to be more of a multimedia convention rather than just a comic book con. Yes, we know it can be challenging securing your badges and traffic around the area can be less than pleasant but this convention is a MUST for any comic book, television, movie enthusiast.

Midsummer Scream Long Beach Convention Center July 28th- 29th
A Halloween convention in the summertime? We say ABSOLUTELY! Midsummer Scream has undoubtedly been one of our favorite conventions since its inaugural year in 2016. If you’re looking for what all the major Southern California theme parks will be doing for the Halloween season, this is the place to be. What sets this convention apart is the “Hall of Shadows” where a series of mini haunt mazes prepare you for Halloween. Of course, there is a giant show floor which looks to expand for 2018. We love it when “Things go bump in the night”!

Dragon Con Atlanta Ga Sept 1st- 4th
I’ve heard long unconfirmed tales of debauchery, mischief and good-hearted mayhem at Dragon Con. This con is one of the biggest in the world and boasts a very popular street parade of great cosplayers right in the heart of the city. A huge show floor and various panels round out one of the most popular cons in the United States. Put Dragon Con on your bucket list as a must-attend event.

Stan Lee’s L.A. Comic Con Los Angeles Convention Center October 26th-28th
Formerly known as Stan Lee’s Comikaze, Stan Lee’s L.A. Comic Con is looking to establish itself as one of the premier comic book conventions in Southern California. In 2017 the convention teamed up with Entertainment Weekly to provide attendees with top name celebrities during their panels. We would really like to see the major movie and television studios get behind this convention to reach its full potential.

That’s our convention breakdown for 2018, we know there are many other local collectibles and specialty cons you may be looking forward to. Tell us which ones are on your list!

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