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Just when you thought Colder: The Bad Seed couldn’t get anymore grotesque, this one takes you to the limit and then some.

Reece’s nightmare in Hungry World just keep getting worse and worse by every panel. The insanity that Swivel takes her through would drive anyone mad but can Reese keep any ounce of her sanity?

Writer Paul Tobin shows that he has so much more mayhem to the madness with every issue, every page and every panel. This issue has been the most insane so far but I’ve been saying that about each issue. Tobin continues to tell a great story.


The art is amazing as always, which is done by Juan Ferreyra. He continues to push his abilities by having the most disgusting images look so stunning. There are not many artists that can pull that off but Ferreyra is one of the best.


This issue was another great one to add to the series and you should add it to your collection. I would advise that anyone who doesn’t have a strong stomach, to read with caution and it may be a good idea to not read on a full stomach. Other than that, I think this is a must own series for any comic book collector. It’s easily one of the top series out there.

Colder: The Bad Seed #4 hits stands Wednesday Jan.28.