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My newest favorite Dark Horse series is back with an all-new issue and it’s a gruesomely awesome one.


This issue takes us into Declan’s past, as we and Reece discover an insane past inside of Hungry World. Hungry World is a place that just make everything and everyone even more insane. The longer you stay, the more you become insane. That’s exactly what happens to Declan. As Nimble jack throws all the insanity he can at Declan, it seems to begin to work on Declan as he gets engulfed in the insanity.


Colder: The Bad Seed¬†continuously tells a great story with every issue all while it gets more and more insane. Paul Tobin and Juan Ferreyra have become my new favorite comic duo all because of this series. The crazy genius of Tobin’s writing to the beautiful painting-like panels of Ferreyra, everything just works out perfectly. I honestly have not been let down by an issue of Bad Seed and right after I finish one issue, I just keep wanting more.

Colder: The Bad Seed #3 hits comic shelves Christmas Eve.