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23772The sequel to the nightmarish Dark Horse series, is back to make all your nightmares come true! Written by Paul Tobin, Colder: The Bad Seed, continues to follow Declan Thomas as he continues to cure the minds of the insane.


I have never read Colder before but this makes me want to go back to the first series and start from the beginning.

Life after Nimble Jack seems to be a lot more like a dream rather than a nightmare as Declan Thomas comes back from what is said to be some sort of coma. He continues to get into the minds of the mentally insane and cures them, even as his temperature drops. His abilities are growing stronger and the nightmares of the insane, which were never ending, have now come to an end for some.


What Declan Thomas doesn’t know, is that Swivel plans to make the nightmares continue in the world. Swivel is a very grotesque villain who is pretty much a walking nightmare. The way Swivel goes about creating madness and insanity are very horrid. Things such as dismembering people right in broad daylight.¬†colderbs1p5

Artist Juan Ferreyra who also did the art for the first series, is wonderful at making the grotesque, look insanely beautiful. I have never thought it was possible to make a maggot filled bird, look amazing. Ferreyra’s art has a very smooth flowing feel to it. It truly is beautiful book to look at as long as you don’t vomit from the sight of blood, maggots and giant looking insects.¬†colderbs1p1

Colder: The Bad Seed is already shaping up to follow in the footsteps of the first series, as becoming another Eisner-worthy nomination. Paul Tobin has a very twisted mind and it works perfectly with the beautifully twisted art of Juan Ferreyra. I know I used a lot of oxymorons and the world “nightmare” a lot in the review, but it perfectly describes the book. It’s definitely not a book for the squeamish but if you love gore, beautiful art and a good story, I suggest you pick this issue up when it the shelf of your local comic book shop, this coming Wednesday.