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Citizens of Space, Sequel to Citizens of Earth, Receives a Release Date For This Month

Citizens of Earth was an underrated RPG from Atlus that came out in 2015. It had unique ideas and drew heavy inspiration from Earthbound; and even though it had some issues, was still a fun experience. Now, the game is getting a sequel called Citizens of Space, which was announced by SEGA today.

In Citizens of Earth, you starred as the Vice President of Earth. You had to go around and complete quests for various constituents to get them to join your party. Each character had unique combat abilities and a quirky personality. It was a charming experience, but not entirely without faults.

Citizens of Space sees you becoming the Ambassador of Earth. Unfortunately, on your first day, Earth goes missing and you must begin a journey to find your lost homeworld and unite the galaxy. The teaser video mentions a new combat system and deeper recruitment mechanics. However, with this just being a teaser, there aren’t any actual details as to how these systems have been changed from the original.

Citizens of Space is coming to Nintendo Switch, PS4, Xbox One, and PC on June 18. You can watch the new trailer below.